Customizable Face Shield

$ 5.00


The ultra-light customizable splash-protection Face Shield provides you with the first layer of protection against respiratory droplets, sneezes, and airborne particles. Perfect for traveling and commuting this face shield is ideal for medical staff, social workers, care workers, nursing homes, pharmacy staff, bus drivers, tube workers, anyone who works closely with the general public.


  • Thickness 0.12mm
  • Lightweight material
  • Adjustable to fit any size head
  • Easy to wipe clean


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1.Vented foam design for increased air flow and comfort.
2.Sonically welded band gives the face shield added strength and reliability.
3.Keep your face, eyes, nose and mouth free from dust.
4.Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to don.
5.Excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash.
6.Hypoallergenic foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eye glasses or safety goggles.